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Compass Spa Gift Certificate $200.00

Purchase a Gift Certificate to Give to anyone for spa treatment(s) in a preset amount of Two Hundred Dollars. Certificates will be emailed once receipt of order and payment is received.


Compass Spa Gift Certificate $100.00

Purchase a Gift Certificate to Give to anyone for spa treatment(s) in a preset amount of One Hundred Dollars. Certificates will be emailed once receipt of order and payment is received. If you would like a larger dollar amount purchase the quantity of gift certificates to reflect the total you would like and one certificate will be created.


Summer Product Highlight

Ayni – Gem & Flora Infused Body & Hair Oil

Magical Oil Synergy. Flowers and herbs are bathed in Organic Jojoba & Sunflower Oil and infused with Jasmine, Sandalwood and Vanilla, Jade, Moonstone & Black Tourmaline. 6oz bottle


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Lunar Logic Blue Columbine Flower Essence

Spiritual Essence Floral Water has HARMONIZING QUALITIES It is beauty and playfulness of spirit that Blue Columbine calls to, gently unfolding the layers of our truest self to confidently manifest our spiritual gifts in the world. It cocoons us in confidence, supporting us as we sing our song, dance our dance, and step into a new chapter of our life biography. Blue Columbine is an ally of our spirit and pleasure pathways, bringing a sense of easeful play so that we may express the pure joy of being alive and fully ourselves. For those who are ready to manifest a spiritual life, an array of blessings are provided–from the uplifting, to joyful determination.



This beauty elixir, with its notes of Jasmine, Violets, and Vanilla Bean, embodies the essence of the Divine Feminine, her passions, and intrepid spirit. Aqua Tofana sings the virtues of blending potent roots, medicinal mushrooms, and flowers together—for added self-awareness, heart connection, and the compound benefits offered to the spirit by ingredients that work synergistically. This Beauty Elixir to be used daily for inner spirit beautification and outward glow. 1oz glass bottle with dropper


MYSTIC Flower Essence

Cleansing is a vital starting point to awaken our Third Eye. An effective yet gentle tonic purifies the Pineal Gland and readies it for expansion and metaphysical connection. Born of ancestral knowledge and plant intelligence, Mystic features powerful plant allies that support your body’s detoxification process, encouraging newfound awareness and spiritual enhancement.


CLIFF ROSE Flower Essence

This Flower Essence has HARMONIZING QUALITIES Imagine feeling free, united, and powerful. Cliff Rose calls forth the energy of movement and your true intentions, allowing you to manifest your desires and projects with clarity and focus. As you deepen your connection with Spirit, you are more able to move with powerful intention, actualizing your creative impulses.


Fire Ceremony Plank

Create/Cast a spell with our Fire Ceremony Herb & Wood Plank Bundle. A fun way to make a wish and set intentions for beautiful happenings. May be used for a single burning session or multiple use if not placed in fire pit/fireplace. Each plank includes a bundle of dried herbs and a raw crystal (amethyst, citrine, aventuine…randomly selected at time of processing)


Soft-Suede Fringed Mini Crossbody Bag

These adorable little bags are great for skipping around town with just the basics. Phone, lip-gloss, credit card and maybe a breath mint 😉 Limited availability while supplies last


Loofah Soap – Aromatherapy choice

Enjoy this handcrafted, soap wheel wrapped around a slice of loofah. Fun and fresh, also a great gift item for hostess, birthday… Choose Sweet Sunshine, Wild Nectar, Paradise Valley. Include a message with order for your choice


White Sage w/ Amathyst Clear Quartz Candle Tin

An uplifting scented candle with the added benefits of crystal therapy. White sage is sometimes used to purify spaces from negative energy and this 4oz candle tin is ease to bring with you to create a happy space anywhere.


Abalone Shell and White Sage Smudge Stick Gift Box

Throughout history, cultures around the globe believed that the energy of others could rub off on a person or place, leaving behind bad vibes and negative energy. The process for removing this bad juju is called saging, a practice that has been around for eons.“Salvia,” which means “to heal.” Native Americans and ancient cultures used “smudge sticks” to detoxify the spaces around them. This sage kit feature a natural abalone shell to use as an ash catcher and display bowl for this bundle


WH Goat Milk Bar Soap

Enjoy this soothing and softly scented goat milk soap to clean skin while hydrating. We have Coffee; Ginger & Orange; Sandalwood; Garden scented soaps available this season.


WH Bath Salts

Make bath time a glorious experience with this therapeutic mix of Natural dendritic salt, sea salt, epsom salt, natural apricot kernel oil & essential oils make up this preservative free mix of bath salts crafted in Montana. Choose Montana or Rain scent for this 16.9 oz jar to ease muscle tension & envelop your body in rich scent.


CR Relief

CR World has a simple message, Quality CBD products create quality results. This is why we have partnered with them and continue to be an advocate for THC-free CBD items to aid in pain relief and other concerns. CR Relief is a topical spray used to ease muscle discomfort, sunburn relief and other skin irritations. When you are looking to make any choices in the over saturated CBD market be sure to choose wisely and purchase products that have integrity and stand by their philosophy.


Pressa Infuser Bottle

Weather it is herbs & fruits for infused water or citrus, brandy & wine for sangria you will love this handy infuser bottle made of glass and cased in rubber protective sleeve and easy to use. Just place ingredients inside strainer, full with liquid, place top on and turn plunger to press ingredients.


More Items Available in our Boutique – Inventory Changes Often Thanks for shopping

ZitSticka Killa Patches

This anti-blemish patch technology helps hid e and heal those tough breakouts. Apply a single path to treatment area and let the active ingredients work their magic. Most blemishes will disappear with one treatment. Each box contains 8 spot clarifying patches.


COMING SOON: Organic Herbal Teas